Our story

We, here at World Wide Dawah asked ourselves: What if doing a good deed was more than just uttering something or reciting something? More than confining ourselves to our personal good deeds and our own short life? what if we could help others to influence thousands of people every single day? Because let's face it, as Muslims we are not lone wolves; working only to better our own situation. The reality of the matter is that we are members of a very large family of 1.5 billion, and it is our individual and collective duty to benefit EVERYONE. The holy prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h.) left us with a powerful message, and these words of his have been passed down to us via numerous, unbroken chains of narration:

Show mercy to those on Earth, and the one in the heavens will show mercy to you"

The prophet himself worked tirelessly for the benefit of mankind. Almighty Allah describes him as 'destroying yourself' in trying to guide the masses. This work ethic should serve as an inspiration to us in our desire to follow the blessed path of Dawah that he left for us.

Here at World Wide Dawah, we are tired of the constant, negative portrayal of Muslims In the media, tired of the suspecting eyes which follow us as we go about our business, and tired of facing discrimination because of our beautiful faith; a faith which for us and many like us, is an amazing source of solace, peace, and sanity in an ever confusing world. But that being said, the challenges we are facing appear miniscule, when we see the state of our dear brothers and sisters in many parts of the Muslim world. We have continued to be haunted by the images of bewildered Muslim children standing by piles of rubble that were once their homes, and the videos containing the blood curdling screams of young Muslim widows that have lost everything and everyone they ever called their own. Muslim men, women and children are being murdered in cold blood, butchered, illegally detained and tortured. Homes, clinics, hospitals and schools continue to be bombed. The sanctity and honour of Muslims continue to be violated, their corpses lying deserted, with no one to bury them. In Syria alone, half a million residents are starving due to on-going military sieges in 18 areas. Punished with hunger, countless have starved to death. It is estimated that over 400,000 have been killed, and the death toll continues to climb.

Our mission

Mercy is a vast concept, and it includes ensuring the physical, emotional and spiritual welfare of our brothers and sisters. We must come to their aid, we must see to it that their needs are met, and now more than ever, we must ensure that the pure and pristine message of Islam is defended against the torrent of anti-Muslim propaganda being recklessly spouted out by the information outlets. We must let our brothers and sisters know that WE CARE, that they're not alone, and we must also let the world know, that Muslims are about peace and mercy.

We, at World Wide Dawah, have decided that we will remain on the side-lines no longer, and in doing so we have come up with an idea - a beautiful blend of Dawah and Sadaqah. We believe that you can be a real inspiration for hundreds of people just by wearing our "Dawah range" - a range of clothing emblazoned, not with meaningless humour or out-dated puns, but positive messages, to be shared with anyone who happens to glance your way. Through this we hope to achieve a few things:


Remind fellow Muslims about some of the beautiful teachings of their own religion.


Tackle the anti-muslim sentiment ever-present in the minds of otherwise reasonable people.


And most importantly, help our needy brothers and sisters with the proceeds inshaAllah.

We want to flood the streets with great people like you dressed in our range, silently preaching to every onlooker. We want you to be our knight in shining armour, an ambassador of Islam on every high street, in every shopping mall, aboard every bus, train, and tram, in every park and communal space. We don't just want you to share the message; we want you to BE the message. Spread the love, spread the peace, spread the beautiful message of Islam, earn countless rewards in the hereafter, and do so without compromising on style.

Our cause

Our cause is simple - the Ummah. And these words of the prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h.) are a driving force for us, spurring us on, always motivating us to go the extra mile:

The Muslims are like one man, if his eye complains then the whole of him complains, and if his head complains then the whole of him complains"

In other words, the Muslims - all 1.5 billion of us - are like ONE BODY, and as true Muslims we should not rest contented while our brothers and sisters suffer. We hope to continue our efforts with this philosophy in mind, and urge you to join our cause, to raise the flag of mercy in unison, and let our brothers and sisters know that we are on the way. We are also constantly looking to partner up with major charities to work on a number of projects, so that in time - with your support - we can grow and expand, and reach out to as many needy families as is humanly possible.